RadarUSA (Version 1.2) - buy on android market ($1.00)

Android Mobile Phone App for Android 2.1 and later

USA National Weather Service rain radar viewer.

An indispensable app to tell you where the rain is at any given time.

Simple and easy to use.
Works best with a touch screen (to zoom and drag it) and a wifi connection.
It does not work on android 3.x tablets at the moment
RadarUSA displays the most recent doppler weather radar (rain) image for a selected location.
It shows a map of your area with an overlay of the rain radar image.(see radar explained)
The app opens straight up into the most recent map for the selected area. (The images are usually updated every 6 to 10 minutes).
The map can be zoomed in and out and can be dragged around the screen.

Rainfall colors are green (lightest), yellow, orange (heavy), red, purple (downpour).
Blues are NOT rain.
The menu options:-
north, south, east, west - move to the next radar location in that direction.
States - open up a list of states for selection of location.
284mi radius - increases the coverage of the image from 124 to 284 mile radius.


Two image sizes are available - 124mile radius (default) and 284mile radius.
The UT and local time is shown at the top of the image.
The 284mile option is about half an hour behind the current time owing to android not fully supporting animated gifs.
For quickest display, it is preferable to be on a wifi connection.
Add it to your home page and it is there at your fingertips to view at a moments notice.



The very first time the app is run, it fires up in the 'States' 'menu'.
Tap on your State and the radar locations in your state will then be displayed.
Tap on the one nearest you and your map will be displayed.
By using the 'menu' button (or icon) you can get back here at any time and change the location.
The last location selected will then be the default location - this image will then always display immediately you start the app. (until you change it again).
The menu display also has 'north', 'south', 'east', and 'west' navigation buttons. Tapping one of these will load the image for the next location in the selected direction.
The final button in the 'menu' display is '284mi radius'. Tapping this will double the area covered by the display from 124 miles to 284 miles - for one time only.
This coverage reverts automatically to the standard 124 mile radius the next selection.
If you have a touch screen, you can pinch, expand and drag the image to get a closer look at a location.
The images are quite large and you should really have a wifi connection or a very good signal to get the best loading speed.